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Play and Learn! Protect and Restore!

Hudson River Park was the first project of its kind to restore and reintroduce the City’s waterfront and begin a process of transforming the way people think about the urban waters that surround them.  While so many come to Hudson River Park to enjoy its gorgeous views and comfortable amenities, the Park is so much more than just a waterfront location. From the beginning, those involved in planning and designing the Park recognized that it should play a key role in preserving and educating on the rich ecological and cultural history of the lower Hudson River. Since its creation, Hudson River Park has been a leader in providing quality enrichment programming and environmental education classes to its park patrons. These programs provide individuals with first-hand experiences about the history, ecology, and wildlife of the Park, the Hudson River and the City.  And they’re fun too!

Equally important is our mission of protecting and preserving the Hudson River— one of New York State’s greatest natural resources. Park waters surrounding the piers and upland areas, recognized for their unique role in the Hudson River ecosystem, have been designated a New York State Estuarine Sanctuary.  Park builders and operators take extra precautions to preserve the integrity of this delicate environment.  In addition, the Hudson River Park Trust works with scientists and others on habitat restoration and research partnerships, water quality monitoring and numerous citizen science initiatives. 

The Park is proud to offer a vast array of programs and activities for both enrichment and river stewardship. We invite you to take the time to explore this section of our website to learn more about these opportunities as well as to learn more about the vital Hudson River ecosystem that we work so hard to protect and preserve.