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Welcome to the Hudson River Park Support the Trees Campaign. This exciting program allows you to hand pick a tree in Hudson River Park that you would like to sponsor. To select an individual tree to dedicate on the web, use the map below to pick the species and location of your tree. Once your gift is complete, you will have the opportunity to personalize your very own virtual tree tag with a short dedication and a photo. We will provide you with your tree’s information as well as its geographic coordinates so you can visit it in the Park! Your gift helps provide year round care for your tree and its surrounding area.

So explore the Park and find a tree that speaks to you. Help us safeguard the future of Hudson River Park. Adopt a tree today!

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Dedicate a Grove in Hudson River Park

There are numerous groves in Hudson River Park available for dedication. The groves in Hudson River Park are collections of similar trees grouped together to create a scenic space for Park visitors. These groves, which are scattered throughout all of the neighborhoods of Hudson River Park, can be dedicated by a person or organization with signage in the Park at the selected grove. For information about grove selection, dedications, and signage in any of our neighborhoods, please contact our office directly using the information below.

Friends of Hudson River Park
(212) 757-0981



Great way to show your support of the environment or your love of trees. Works great as a gift or dedication.

  • Personalized Virtual Tree Tag - duration 1 year

Shaded Canopy


For the person who loves the park and wants to have a positive, lasting effect on the horticulture of Hudson River Park.

  • Personalized Virtual Tree Tag - duration 2 years

Root Network


This level grants you exclusive access  to a one-on-one walking tour with a Park representative to hand pick your tree.  Receive the opportunity to talk with the Park’s Director of Horticulture and discuss the trees, their planning and care, and plans for the future.

  • Personalized Virtual Tree Tag - duration 2 years
  • Optional one-on-one walkthrough of the Park with a Friends representative to handpick your tree for dedication
  • Invitation to a lunch with the Park’s Director of Horticulture
  • Recognition on the Park’s website

If you are interested in dedicating a tree or grove at any level please call the Friends of Hudson River Park office at (212) 757-0981.

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