Internship Opportunities

Hudson River Park values training future environmental leaders.  We provide internship opportunities to young adults through paid seasonal positions.  The internship programs give students and recent graduates environmental education and field science experience, mentorship and networking opportunities within NYC’s environmental field.

Environmental Education Internship

Are you energetic and passionate about educating urban populations? Educators will lead Hudson River Park’s hands-on  education programs to thousands of students and park patrons. Work with a creative and motivated team to deliver River science and wildlife programming, develop educational resources and mentor seasonal educators.

Field Science Internship

Do you enjoy field biology and have a knack for talking about science? Help to further estuary research and habitat enhancement projects in the Park. The coordinator will manage and analyze data from park research and citizen science projects, maintain scientific instruments and mentor summer staff as they collect data in the field.

Application Opens February 2019

Internship Impact

Many of Hudson River Park’s 10 month, 5 month and Summer Student Conservation Association (SCA) interns have stayed in New York’s environmental field. Look to see where in the city they are continuing to further their skills learned at Hudson River Park. 

Michelle Vedder – Columbia County Soil & Water, Hudson, NY, Education Program Coordinator 
“The biggest thing that I took away from my time at HRPT was my newly found self-confidence. I felt like I could tackle anything after that experience.” – Michelle Vedder, SCA 10 Month Intern 2012

Brianna Rosamilia – SUNY ESF, M.S. Candidate in Environmental Interpretation
“My time at HRPT sparked my passion for outdoor environmental education.  I am now pursuing a Master of Science degree in environmental interpretation.” – Brianna Rosamilia, SCA Summer Intern 2012

Christina Tobitsch – Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Environmental Educator
“My positive experience at HRPT influenced my decision to continue working in the environmental education field. In fact, I decided to join the SCA/AmeriCorps Hudson Valley Corps after hearing much about it from the 10-month intern at HRPT. I have developed a strong passion for Hudson River education and environmental education in urban areas and I am excited to now be working with Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy!” – Christina Tobitsch, SCA Summer Intern 2012

Emily Becker – NYS Parks, Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve, Staten Island, Environmental Educator
“Hudson River Park helped me gain a range of administrative, curriculum development, research, and educator skills. After working for HRPT, it was clear to me that I wanted to be a full-time environmental educator.” – Emily Becker, SCA 10 Month Intern 2013

Jansyn Thaw – The New School Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management
“Since my time at HPRT I have used teaching and public speaking skills at other urban parks, leading education programs and writing curriculum. Working at a waterfront park made me passionate about the ecology of the Hudson River. That passion has guided me as I advance in my career. I am currently a graduate student at the New School in NYC pursuing an MA in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management.” – Jansyn Thaw, SCA 5 Month Intern 2013

Joanna Simon – WaterKeeper Alliance and NYU Wagner’s Master of Urban Planning in Fall 2016
“I currently work as a Coordinator for Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit based in NYC that advocates for clean water on a global scale, a position that I would not have had the direction to pursue or the skills to succeed at without the guidance and education provided during my time at HRP.” – Joanna Simon, SCA 10 Month Intern 2014

Brandyn Friedly – The Highline, Operations Project Manager
“My time working with Hudson River Park's Environment and Education department taught me critical professional skills and helped me develop into a conservation leader.  I left Hudson River Park with the satisfaction of making a real impact in raising awareness of New York City's most important natural resource and a great transition to the professional world in the city.” – Brandyn Friedly, SCA 10 Month Intern 2014

Aurelia Casey - SCA Centennial Volunteer Ambassador for the National Parks of NY Harbor and Undergrad at the College of Staten Island
“I am a native New Yorker, and to be able to teach other NYC youth about fish, trees, and insects that live right here in our city, was a blessing and a joyous experience.  My internship gave me leadership and teamwork skills that have proved useful in all of the various things that I have gone on to do in my life, and I will never forget my summer on the estuary.” – Aurelia Casey, SCA Summer Intern 2014

Jane Chan – Eastern Queens Alliance, Environmental Educator
“My internship with Hudson River Park was my first experience with environmental education and truly the herald of the career I am pursuing.  Simply put, this internship got me hooked on environmental education!”

Nia Padilla – Concrete Safaris, Garden Program Coordinator
“My experience at Hudson River Park was a blast. It was a challenging and fun position that pushed me out of my comfort zone and ultimately led to me realizing how much I love working with kids. The strongest skills I developed were being more comfortable talking in front of groups of people (I used to be terrified) and being a better educator. I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience.” – Nia Padilla, SCA 10 Month Intern 2015

Nick Hartmann – NYC DEC, SCA Environmental Educator
“It's rare to find a job where you look forward to going into work everyday, but that was exactly how I felt about working at Hudson River Park. I have never worked at a place where everyone is so passionate about their work, and so driven to achieve the same goal. Working at Hudson River Park opened so many doors for me, both professionally and personally.” – Nick Hartmann, SCA 5 Month Intern 2015

Maddie Taylor – Undergrad at Barnard College Studying Biology
“Working for the Hudson River Park Trust has been by far the most rewarding job I’ve had. When a child comes up to us at the end of a program and tells us that they want to be a scientist, when children repeatedly come to fish with us and tell us more about a particular species of fish or crab than we ever knew, when a child overcomes her fear and holds a crab for the first time, or when parents tell us that our programs inspired them to get outdoors more, we know we have done our jobs well. Small moments like these were the best part of my summer, and they will inspire me to keep educating well into the future.” – Maddie Taylor, SCA Summer Intern 2015

High School Internship Program
Since 2014, Hudson River Park has partnered with City-As-School to offer local high school students hands-on work experience in the environmental field. City-As-School interns receive high school credit as they help the Park teach environmental programs and conduct a science project of their own design over a 10 week term.  Each Spring City-As-School interns join our team, learning the ins and outs of environmental education, catch and release fishing, tank maintenance, basic animal husbandry, and environmental monitoring.  They leave this career training experience with tangible environmental science and outreach skills and a better understanding of their interests. 

Steven Perallon, City-As-School Student
“One of the biggest things I've gained from interning at Hudson River Park is a new respect for the environment. I've come to learn how important it is to take care of the world we live in. I now also interact with people in a different way - not just at a social level but also on an educational level.  I see daily interactions as an opportunity to learn from others as well as share my knowledge, something that would happen every day at the Park.”