Go Fish!

Grades 2-5


Application Closed


Fish; Fish Anatomy; Life Cycle; Catch and Release Fishing




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Pier 25 Tribeca

Pier 46 Greenwich Village

Pier 63 Chelsea

Pier 84 Maritime Entertainment District


90 minutes

Fish in the Hudson River? You bet! More than 200 species of fish are found in the Hudson River and its tributaries. Go Fish! introduces students to life under the Hudson River through activities such as catch and release fishing, fish anatomy, touch tank fun and a striped bass life cycle game.


  • Students will learn the basic anatomy of a fish and the function of each part
  • Students will explore the life cycle of the striped bass through the creation of a bass book
  • Students will practice catch and release fishing to engage with  the Hudson River and its wildlife
  • Students will humanely interact with live animals from the Hudson River (e.g. fish, mud crabs, shrimp, snails, etc.)
  • Students will apply their experiences to define ways that they can contribute to the health of the Hudson River and its wildlife


  • “The quality of the educators was very high.  I loved their professionalism and how they were able to connect with the kids on the topics.  They were respectful of the students and their knowledge and were successful in getting details from them to drive the conversations forward.” -3rd Grade Teacher, Bronx
  • “My class really enjoyed the program! There was a perfect balance of “sitting down” time and movement to engage children. The content was age appropriate and presented in an organized and clear way. Thank you so much for a wonderful day! I will definitely return next year and will recommend the program to other teachers in my school.” -4th Grade Teacher, Queens