Max Guliani


Junior Explorers

Grades K-1





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Pier 25 Tribeca

Pier 46 Greenwich Village

Pier 63 Chelsea

Pier 84 Maritime Entertainment District

Bring your youngest campers to explore the Hudson River! This program allows budding scientists to investigate various Park animals with scientific inquiry and nature-inspired crafts.


  • Students will learn the basic anatomy of a fish and the function of each part through an interactive craft
  • Students will explore the life cycle of the striped bass
  • Students will humanely interact with live animals from the Hudson River (e.g. fish, mud crabs, shrimp, snails, etc.)
  • Students will learn about the behavior and habitat of Hudson River animals

What teachers say about the program

  • “It was well-organized and the kids had a blast! The craft was wonderful seeing as they got to take home something, along with the fish posters and tattoos.  They also loved being able to see the animals from the river.” -Kindergarten Teacher, Bronx