Pollution Solutions

Grades 3-8



Watershed; Hudson River; Estuary; Water Quality; Human Impact on the Hudson River




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Pier 25 Tribeca

Pier 46 Greenwich Village

Pier 63 Chelsea

Pier 84 Maritime Entertainment District


90 minutes

Pollution Solutions explores the science behind water quality as students measure the health of the estuary through river sampling. Students also engineer solutions to water pollution by designing and testing a water filter.


  • Students will define an estuary and work with a salt wedge model to apply their understanding
  • Students will make predictions about the Hudson River’s water quality and conduct simple salinity, temperature and dissolved oxygen to assess their predictions
  • Students will design and test a water filter in order to remove pollutants

what teachers say about the program

  • "The students and I had a fantastic time on our trip.  The hands on experiments (testing the water) made the kids feel involved.  They also were able to show what they knew during the questioning and answering part (Hooray, they really were paying attention).  This trip gave them a chance to think about the river and what lives in it.  It also got them to thinking about how they can help keep it clean and safe.  Thank you for the great opportunity that allowed my kids to have a wonderful learning experience.” -5th Grade Teacher, Staten Island
  • “The educators were exceptional. Engaging, organized, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. They connected with the children and made an effort to ensure that each child was included, interested and engaged. It was by far the best field trip experience I have had with students.” -7th Grade Teacher, Manhattan