HRP NID Steering Committee

The Hudson River Park Neighborhood Improvement District Steering Committee, still in formation, is comprised of property owners, commercial tenants, residents and other representatives of the community that are committed to the positive development and maintenance of the Hudson River Park and its adjacent neighborhoods. They share our vision for maintaining the Park and enhancing its connections to the surrounding neighborhoods. 

The Steering Committee’s primary role is to guide the creation of the Hudson River Park Neighborhood Improvement District according to New York City Department of Small Business Services guidelines, shepherding the proposal through the formal process. Working in partnership with Friends of Hudson River Park as the sponsoring organization, members will have final responsibility for ensuring a sound and conscientious  plan.

Through community outreach, land use analysis and conversations with local representatives and elected officials, potential members were indentified and asked to join the effort. If you would like to recommend someone who you believe fits the above description, please send us an email at