Freedom of Information Law

How to submit a FOIL request

In accordance with the State Freedom Of Information Law (FOIL) requirements, the Hudson River Park Trust has promulgated FOIL rules respecting disclosure and availability of documents and records maintained by the Trust (21 NYCRR Part 750). General information regarding the New York State FOIL policies can be found at the New York State Department of State Committee on Open Government web site.

Any FOIL request to the Hudson River Park Trust must be made in writing or by email and must be specifically for Hudson River Park Trust records. Your request must state that you are seeking records under the Freedom of Information Law. Each request should describe the particular record to the fullest extent possible, including the subject matter of the record, and, if known, indicate the date of the record, the place where it originated, and the name of the originating person or office. It is inappropriate to ask questions under the FOIL law.

Request in writing

Your request may be submitted in writing by one of the following methods: by mail, facsimile, online, or delivered in person. A FOIL request cannot be made by telephone. DO NOT SEND DUPLICATE COPIES OF YOUR REQUEST. If your request is mailed or delivered in person, the envelope in which the request is sent should be marked FOIL and mailed to:

Hudson River Park Trust
Pier 40, Second Floor
353 West St
West Street at West Houston Street
New York, NY 10014
Attn: Nicole Cuttino, Records Access Officer

Fax: 212-627-2021

Request Online

Submit a request for records online using the Open FOIL NY form.


Request by email

You may email your request

The following form language is optional but may enhance your use of the Freedom of Information Law. You may choose to utilize certain portions that are most applicable to your request. You may cut and paste the entire form into a new email, read all provisions, and delete and/or modify those that do not apply.

The subject line of your request should be “FOIL Request”.

Dear Records Access Officer:

(1) Please email the following records if possible [include as much detail about the record as possible, such as relevant dates, names, descriptions, etc.]:

(2) Please advise me of the appropriate time during normal business hours for inspecting the following records prior to obtaining copies [include as much detail about the records as possible, including relevant dates, names, descriptions, etc.]:

(3) Please inform me of the cost of providing paper copies of the following records [include as much detail about the records as possible, including relevant dates, names, descriptions, etc.].

(4) If all the requested records cannot be emailed to me, please inform me by email of the portions that can be emailed and advise me of the cost for reproducing the remainder of the records requested ($0.25 per page or actual cost of reproduction).

(5) If the requested records cannot be emailed to me due to the volume of records identified in response to my request, please advise me of the actual cost of copying all records onto a CD or floppy disk.

(6) If my request is too broad or does not reasonably describe the records, please contact me via email so that I may clarify my request, and when appropriate inform me of the manner in which records are filed, retrieved or generated.
If it is necessary to modify my request, and an email response is not preferred, please contact me at the following telephone number: _____________.

If for any reason any portion of my request is denied, please inform me of the reasons for the denial in writing and provide the name, address and email address of the person or body to whom an appeal should be directed.


Availability of Records

Upon appointment, public records maintained by Hudson River Park Trust are available for inspection or copying on weekdays between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at the Hudson River Park Trust, 353 West Street, Pier 40, New York, NY 10014.

Right to Appeal

To the extent you believe you have been denied access to a record by Hudson River Park Trust, you have thirty (30) days from the date of the determination to take a written appeal.  You may make an appeal by writing:

Contact Information:

Executive Vice President / Records Appeals Officer
Hudson River Park Trust
353 West St., Pier 40
New York, NY 10014