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Tom L. Pegues

Metropolis Risk Management LLC & Goodscout,

Headshot of trustee Tom Pegues

Mr. Tommie Pegues, founder of Metropolis Risk Management LLC & Goodscout, has worked successfully for 17+ years with significant Fortune 500 accounts, gathering extensive experience in global corporate risk management, brokerage, claims, and underwriting.

During his formidable work experience, Tom has been associated with many reputable and prominent businesses, such as Marsh USA, Inc., Loews Corporation, Reliance National, J.M. Huber Corporation and Dun & Bradstreet where he also serves as leader, Risk Management and Insurance. His professional accomplishments have won him much prestigious recognition throughout the years. He was also one of the youngest risk managers to lead the insurance and risk management department of a fortune 500 company.

Tom was awarded the ARM Designation in December of 2002, and then, in October 2006, he was awarded the Risk Management Fellow Designation (RF), which is the highest designation in the risk management field. Tom was also published in the September 2006 edition of Risk Management Magazine as part of a panel of leading risk management professionals who were assembled to discuss the subject of Workers’ Compensation fraud. Also, during his time with Marsh USA, which is globally recognized as a leading brokerage firm, Tom served as the Lead Broker on the largest fortune 100 accounts in the New York Casualty Risk Management Department. Tom has also managed the Insurance/Risk Management on some of the largest construction projects in New York City.

Tom earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the School of Management and European Studies, Franklin University, Lugano, Switzerland, May of 1994, with an emphasis in Strategic Management.

His work has taken him to the farthest reaches of the globe; North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.