Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Park open?

Most areas of the park, including the piers, open at 6 AM. 

What time do you shut down the Piers? What about the Park in general?

Most areas of the park, including the piers, close at 1 AM. The bike path is open 24 hours-a-day, and several areas (such as playgrounds) close at dusk. Some special areas of the park may close earlier.

When do the park's playgrounds close?

The playgrounds close at dusk.

What time do the restrooms close?

All park bathrooms close at dusk, except as otherwise posted, or unless, at the discretion of the Trust, a specific event necessitates bathroom access after dusk.

Does my dog have to be on a leash at all times?

Dogs in the park are required to be on a leash not longer than 6 feet. There are four dog parks in the park: one in Tribeca at Chambers St, one in the Village at Leroy St, one at 22nd Street and 11th Avenue and one on Pier 84 at W.44th St. Dogs may run free, without leashes, in the dog parks.

What time do the dog parks close?

Dog parks close at 1 am, like the rest of the Park.

Why can't I drink from the display fountains? Can my dog go in the fountains?

Hudson River Park Rule 751.6(s) Unhygienic Use of Fountains, Pools, and Water states: It is illegal for any person to use, or permit any animal under his or her control to use any water fountain, drinking fountain, pool, sprinklers or any other water contained in the park for the purpose of washing or cleaning himself or herself, his or her clothing or other personal belongings. This subdivision does not apply to those areas within the Park which are specifically designated as water fountains for use by animals, or which are specifically designated for personal hygiene purposes (i.e., bathroom, shower room, etc.) provided, however, it is illegal for any person to wash his or her clothes or personal belongings in such areas. Moreover, the water purification system for the fountain is adequate for display use, but is not designed for consumption. There are drinking fountains for consumption throughout the park, and the dog parks are also equipped with water for animals' consumption.

Is there a mooring field?

Hudson River Park contains two mooring fields. One is in the area immediately south of Pier 40 and is operated directly by the Hudson River Park Trust.  A second mooring field is operated privately and is on the south side of Pier 25.

Can I use my jet ski in Hudson River Park waters?

No, park rules prohibit use of jet skis in the park.

Why do I need a permit to distribute flyers or other written material in the Park?

Not all distribution of written material requires a permit. However, Section 751.6(t) of our park rules prohibits the distribution or posting of signs, leaflets or other printed materials for a commercial purpose without a permit. Also, while the Trust in no way intends to impede any 1st Amendment rights, unlimited or unrestricted distribution of print materials in the park can create health and safety hazards. The Trust therefore must have discretion to insure the health and safety of its park patrons.

Why can't I ride my bike on the esplanade?

The esplanade is designed for use by pedestrians. The bikeway is a few feet away and provides approximately five miles of dedicated paved surface for bicyclists, non-motorized scooters and rollerbladers. The Trust requires that bicyclists who wish to enjoy the esplanade dismount their bikes and walk them through the esplanade area, thereby allowing pedestrians to enjoy the Park without fear of being struck by cyclists. Rollerbladers may keep their rollerblades on in the esplanade area, but are required to maintain a walking pace. Anything faster necessitates use of the bike path.

Can I go to use the playgrounds if I don't have a child with me?

No, you need to have a child to enter the playground areas. Like other NYC-area playgrounds, Hudson River Park restricts use of children’s playgrounds to children under the age of 12 and the adults who accompany them.

Can I use the ballfields without a permit?

If the field is unoccupied at the time of arrival, then the availability is handled on a first come, first serve basis and a permit is not required. However, if a permit holder does show up to the field with their permit during their permitted timeslot (specific to the date and time), then the permit takes precedence. If you would like to learn more about our permitting process or obtain a field permit, please contact our Public Programs department at 212-627-2020 or review the permits section of this website for more information. Obtain a permit.

Can I host a private or public event in the park?

Permits must be obtained for group activities including, but not limited to, a performance, meeting, assembly, contest, exhibit, ceremony, parade, athletic competition, reading, or picnic involving more than 20 people or a group activity involving less than 20 people for which specific space within the Park is requested to be reserved. All groups wishing to hold a special event in Hudson River Park must obtain a written permit from Hudson River Park Trust.  Submitting a permit application does not guarantee you will be granted space. Also, permit fees will be assessed based on the nature of the event. Call the Permit office at 212-627-2020 or review the permits section of this website for more information. Obtain a permit.

Can I shoot video or take pictures in the park?

Anyone wishing to film or photograph commercially in Hudson River Park must obtain a written permit from the Hudson River Park Trust. Permits are also required for students and any non-commercial purposes when the film or photography would disrupt park users or otherwise restrict use of a public area. Applications must be submitted at least ten (10) business days in advance of shoot date. Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be granted a permit. Permit fees will be assessed based on the nature, location and length of the shoot. Call the Permit office at 212-627-2020 or review the permits section of this website for more information. Obtain a permit.

Where can I find out if park events have been cancelled during the day of an event?

For up-to-date information on the status of our events please consult our twitter feed.