More Information

For more information call the Hudson River Park Permit Office: 212.627.2020

Obtain a field permit

All groups using the Pier 40 Recreation Fields or the Chelsea Waterside Park Field must obtain a written permit from Hudson River Park Trust. Separate applications are required for the Pier 40 Indoor Field, the Pier 40 Outdoor Fields and the Chelsea Waterside Park Field for each season.

Applications for each season of sessions may be submitted up to six (6) months in advance of the start of each season. Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be granted field time. Each season is booked separately – you cannot reserve a time slot for multiple seasons, and you are not guaranteed sessions in concurrent seasons. Fields are booked on a Seasonal Basis and are booked by full sets of sessions only.

Seasonal Sessions are:

Winter: December 3, 2018 – March 10, 2019

Spring: March 11, 2019 – June 16, 2019

Summer: June 17, 2019 – August 25, 2019

Fall: August 26, 2019 – December 1, 2019



All applications require a non-refundable $25 fee.

In an effort to make the Pier 40 Courtyard Fields a more secure environment, the Hudson River Park Trust has supplied large bins for field users to store their personal belongings during their permitted usage times.

Bins are located on the perimeter of the fields.

As an added security measure, the Hudson River Park Trust strongly encourages all permit holders to designate an attendant to monitor the bins during usage times.

At the end of each permitted session, ALL items must be removed and the bins left free and clean for the next permit holder to use.

Storing items overnight is strictly prohibited.