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Construction & Updates in the Park

As of October 2018, the popular play areas at Piers 25 and 51 and areas on Pier 45 in Hudson River Park will be closed as we improve safety. The play area surface areas will be restored after years of use and exposure to the element. Construction is scheduled to be completed by summer 2019. For a list of current and upcoming closures, please go to our Alerts and Advisory page by clicking the button below.

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New York State Hudson River Greenway

Due to heightened security measures, take extra precautions when riding on the bikeway.  The concrete barriers are in place are for your safety but make certain areas of the bikeway more narrow than in the past.  Follow the rules of the road and stay in your lane.

Use common sense, plan accordingly, and adjust your route when necessary. Be mindful of Park staff working on the bikeway.

Please contact us at 212 242-6427 to report issues, and always call 911 in an emergency.

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