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Hudson River Park's

Hudson Nature Walk





Christopher Street Fountain (cross at Christopher St.)


Approximately one hour


1 ½ to 2 miles

Subway & Bus Lines

1 at Christopher St.



Hudson River Park brings attention to its vital role in creating one of the scarcest resources in all of Manhattan—wildlife habitat! Learn about Hudson River Park’s wildlife by joining experienced naturalists on guided nature walks along the Park’s esplanade.

Enjoy a meandering waterfront walk while viewing and learning about the park’s flora and fauna, including some of the 85 different species of birds identified within Park boundaries. Peek into some of our many gardens to discover butterflies, dragonflies and other interesting insects. Get to know the native plants that thrive in unexpected places in and around the river’s edge. Each nature walk is unique and offers a one-of-a-kind treasure hunt-like experience.

Nature guides will meet participants at the Christopher Street Fountain, just north of Pier 40 at 9 a.m. sharp. Please wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. Loud noises and barking tend to startle wildlife and reduce viewing opportunities - please be considerate and leave your dog at home.

Hudson River Nature Walk! walks are led by the following dedicated, volunteer park naturalists:

WALTER LAUFER is a self-taught urban naturalist, with a special interest in butterflies and dragonflies. For many years, Laufer has spent time in western North America hiking with naturalist guides. Since 2005 he has been converting the knowledge gained in the wild to knowledge useful in the urban environment. 

To date, Laufer has learned to identify over 100 varieties of vegetation from pine trees to periwinkles found in the Park; over that time he has observed more than 80 bird species and 50 insect species living in or passing through the Greenwich Village and Tribeca segments. He loves sharing his expertise and passion for the flora and fauna of Hudson River Park.

KEITH MICHAEL is a self-taught urban naturalist, photographer, avid birder and dedicated explorer of New York City’s five boroughs. Birds are his driving focus, but the vistas, trees, wildflowers, grasses, butterflies, dragonflies; scaled, slithery and furred fauna that can be observed within NYC are equally remarkable to him. Michael has published two books of writing and photographs Once Around the Block: A Birder's Year in the West Village and 1000 Days: World Trade Center Rising, leads his own series of New York City WILD! nature walks, and is a monthly contributor to WestView News. The West Village portion of Hudson River Park is home turf for daily walks with his Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Millie.

For Michael, reconnecting with the rhythms and sheer wonders of the natural world in our urban midst is a potent antidote to the stress and electronic distractions of our daily routines. Michael believes that curiosity is the key – there will always be more to see and learn. JUST LOOK!

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