Max Guliani for Hudson River Park


Serpentine Structures

Cross at Watts St

In Tribeca


Pier 25 Comfort Station

Subway & Bus Lines

1 at Canal St.


Arranged north to south along the esplanade are the sculptures Twister (double-stemmed unit), Torque (bench), and Offshoot (single- stemmed cantilever). These Serpentine Structures are curved industrial trusses which take on evocative forms related to the estuarine environment of the neighboring river.

They are built of steel pipe which has been rolled, notched and welded. The two larger structures were divided by flanges into several components in order to be transported and galvanized, and will eventually have vines weaving through them. The middle unit has woven steel forged onto its ribs which invites sitting. The overhead works will eventually function to provide shade, with their living plant fabric.

Serpentine Structures was commissioned with funds provided by Friends of Lower Manhattan.