Pier 66 Maritime

Cross at W26th St

In Chelsea


Chelsea Waterside at W24th St





Accessible to people with disabilities


Subway & Bus Lines

1 at 28th St.


Historic Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Float Transfer Bridge

This structure, now eligible for the State and National Registers of Historic Places, was carefully restored by the New York State Department of Transportation and the Hudson River Park Trust, in part through a federal transportation grant. Until the early 1970s, railroad cars used to float into Manhattan by barge, then link up with railroad tracks at the waterfront, and finally to warehouses located nearby. Before the advent of refrigeration, livestock was transported into Manhattan, then herded to the nearby Meat Market.

Pier 66 Maritime

Just west of the Float Bridge is a barge and historic ship complex known as "Pier 66 Maritime." Owned and operated privately, this barge includes a cafe and boating operations of various types. Visitors to the barge can view and explore the historic FRYING PAN and JOHN J. HARVEY vessels.