Max Guliani for Hudson River Park



Chamber St to W Houston St

Subway & Bus Lines

1 at Canal St.

A,C,E at Canal St.

1 at Frankllin St.

1,2,3 at Chambers St.



The design of Tribeca emphasizes the environment, active recreation and small boating opportunities.This area includes facilities for tennis, skating, basketball, beach volleyball, field sports, miniature golf and a playground with seasonal water features. A mooring field, a sailing school and community dock are located between Pier 25 and Battery Park City and Pier 25 is the new host to the historic vessel Lilac. Telescopes are available on the west end of Pier 25. As you walk north, enjoy Serpentine Structures by Mark Gibian. An 893 foot boardwalk meanders through natural grasses and flowers from Watt St. to Laight St. (For pedestrians only.) Just south of Pier 34 see life in the piles: gulls, geese and cormorants through telescopes mounted on the esplanade.

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Art In The Park

Serpentine Structures

These Serpentine Structures are curved industrial trusses which take on evocative forms related to the estuarine environment of the neighboring river.