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And they call it Puppy love….

August 16

Edited for clarity Oct 4, 2013

As those of us with four-legged family members can attest, there is just no denying the happiness of our precious pooches. After all, man's best friend (and woman's and child's, too, for that matter) deserve any and every little pleasure we could possibly bestow.

Hudson River Park understands. So much so, in fact, that we've dedicated several portions of the park just for them! And right now, we're feeling every ounce the proud Papa bringing home a brand new puppy to our burgeoning brood! 

Aug 5 marked the opening of the beautifully designed and landscaped Pier 26 upland section of Hudson River Park! This new stretch of esplanade and lawns between Hubert and N. Moore Streets in Tribeca connects the vast Pier 25, home to multiple popular attractions, to the completed parklands and piers that run above Laight Street.

Amidst the area's pristine lawns and picturesque gardens (and forthcoming year-round restaurant) rests the fourth addition to the Park's prized array of dog runs.

The new, brightly-colored Tribeca Dog Run is the first in the Park to feature both Big Dog and Small Dog parks (for those petite pups under 23 pounds.) So now your champ can romp and retrieve, while lap dogs frolic freely without fear of being trampled. Harmony in the animal kingdom, at last.

The contemporary, yin-yang shaped Dog Run (how's that for harmonious) also features dog-activated fresh water fountains! You haven't seen happy until you've watched your doggy discover his paw can get water to spray from the ground in summer.

At last week's ribbon cutting with city luminaries and leagues of 'best friends', Congressman Jerrold Nadler, through his representative, called the Park "an invaluable resource to New Yorkers and visitors alike." We couldn't agree more!

So here’s our message to New York’s canines:  Grab your leash, grab a biscuit, grab your owner and get on over to Hudson River Park! See you soon in the Tribeca Dog Run.

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