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Announcing Our Winter Photo-Synthesis Winner!

March 22

Last month, we launched our first ever Photo-Synthesis Contest with a question: What does winter in Hudson River Park look like to you?

Through your photos, we found stunning answers: Bundled families enjoying our esplanade, winter-loving pups sniffing out snow piles, winterberries popping brightly against gray river and white sky… With such a range of winter Park pics, choosing just one was no easy task!

In the end, we simply couldn’t look away from this image by Instagram user @dilip.muralidharan. In this elegant composition, a late winter sunset casts the bow of The Lilac and the surface of the Hudson River in gold against a cool pastel sky—a striking palate emblematic of our waterfront’s quietest season, and worthy of our first Photo-Synthesis win!

Congratulations, @dilip.muralidharan! We can’t wait to see what we’ll find through your lens in the seasons to come.

A big thanks to all of you who shared your photos with us this winter! Our #HudsonRiverPark hashtag was used over 500 times during the contest, and we were thrilled by the pictures you shared. Be sure to stay tuned! A Spring Photo-Synthesis is on its way in the warmer days ahead. In the meantime, here are just a few honorable mentions from our inaugural round!

This snowy sunset stroll snapped by @chicfeast shows a wintry take on an iconic Park perspective.

This photo by @blensays is all about the details—from the icy dog-beards to the snow-covered branches!

Cool, clear days are perfect for peering through the viewfinders at Pier 25—captured beautifully in this shot by @michael__koh.

Adding vibrancy to even the grayest days, the winterberries pack a punch of color in this photo by @lizsuesai!

In this shot by @justdolev, the New Jersey waterfront skyline echoes the pile field silhouetted in the foreground, the former offset by a clear winter sunset, the latter by its reflection on the Hudson.