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Citizen Science Meets Sunset Kayaking with Community Ecopaddle!

July 20

We’re all about keeping our 400 acres of Hudson River Estuary thriving and active – and with Community Ecopaddle, you can join us! Combining citizen science and on-the-water recreation, this monthly program – new for the 2017 season – invites Park fans to participate in our oyster restoration efforts, then enjoy a sunset paddle on our sparkling waters.

Nearly half of the world’s oyster population once thrived in the Hudson River, and these formerly plentiful mollusks once played a major role in our city’s diet and economy. In fact, before NYC was the Big Apple, we were the Big Oyster! At Community Ecopaddle, participants learn about this fascinating history and then help support oyster research in our Pier 32 pile field.

This hands-on experience gives participants a chance to collect meaningful and credible data that will help us understand the success of oysters currently being restored in the Hudson. This research is a key part of our growing restoration efforts, and inviting Park lovers like you to join us builds community stewardship for the Park’s estuarine sanctuary. 

Plus, when you kayak out on the Hudson afterward, you won’t just be enjoying a stunning sunset paddle, you’ll be boating in the system that your own two hands just helped improve. In this way, Community Ecopaddle offers a Hudson River Park #PerfectPair: the opportunity to take part in restoring our river’s living ecosystem and a chance to enjoy the active recreational wonderland our waters have become. RSVP and we’ll see you at our August 14 paddle!