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David Blaine Performs Most Daring Stunt To Date at Pier 54

October 2

On Friday, performance artist and master magician David Blaine will begin his latest stunt at Hudson River Park’s Pier 54. Clad in a custom-made metal suit, the daring performer will stand on a 20-foot-high platform, surrounded by seven towering metallic orbs that will stream 1 million volts of electricity around him for three days and three nights.

In addition to remaining on his feet, Blaine will not sleep or eat for the duration of the performance.

Please note: Among other elements, the performance features sound that will be audible from various locations in, and at times beyond,  the park. The levels of sound are governed by NYC regulations and park permits and will actively be tested and controlled by decibel level metering throughout the event. Overnight volumes will be significantly reduced. Please contact 311 or call Hudson River Park’s 24-hour Park Enforcement Patrol number at 212.627.9224 in the event of a concern.