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Don’t Miss Your Park’s Best Winter Views!

February 1

Winter may be our Park’s quietest season, but this time of year brings its own striking beauty to our riverfront. If you’ve ever admired the silhouette of bare branches against a #HudsonRiverPark sunset, enjoyed a bundled-up stroll our snowy Tribeca boardwalk wonderland, or witnessed the stunning geometry of ice floes in the Hudson, you know what we’re talking about.

For all our winter-loving Park fans, and those who need a little extra encouragement to embrace outdoor adventures this time of year, we’re sharing some of our favorite photos so far from Winter 2018!

Early January arrived with unusual cold – and beautiful, intricate ice floes to our waterfront.

A misty morning brought mysterious beauty for dedicated runners.

Fetch anyone? A little snow (or a half-foot) didn’t stop this pawsome pup and intrepid owner from an afternoon of play at the Tribeca Dog Run.

Late-clinging leaves and snow-speckled lawns brought bursts of color by the Pier 32 pile field.

Boot-prints and paw-prints charted paths in powdery snow on Pier 45.

Sunset stunner! Our largest Serpentine Structure framed a golden view, from the snowy Tribeca Boardwalk to the esplanade adventurers to the shimmer on the Hudson.

Thank you to Max Guliani for sharing these stunning winter captures. Show us how you're enjoying the Park this winter by tagging #HudsonRiverPark during the month of February, and you'll be entered in our Winter Photo-Synthesis Contest!