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Will You Be Our Next Neighborhood Gardener?

March 17

Keeping your Park’s four miles of lawns, trees and gardens blooming and beautiful takes a lot of hands. Six full-time Zone Gardeners tend to our green spaces year-round and lead seasonal staff in peak summer months who help to lighten the load. Also making a major impact? Your Park’s weekly crew of Neighborhood Gardener volunteers!

Hudson River Park’s Neighborhood Gardener Program kicked off in 2013, born out of our local community’s desire to find a hands-on, gloves-on way to give back after witnessing Hurricane Sandy’s impact on our parklands. These dedicated Neighborhood Gardeners returned to volunteer in our gardens week after week, helping our beautiful horticulture continue to flourish, and initiating an important Park tradition.

Four years later, these dedicated weekly volunteers are just as vital to our Park’s beautification and preservation efforts, with an ever-growing presence in the Hudson River Park community. 2016 was the program’s best year yet, with our team of Neighborhood Gardeners contributing nearly 900 hours of service! And this season, we want to get even more Park lovers involved. We need your help to ensure that this instrumental volunteer program continues to thrive – just like our flowerbeds and gardens.

Our full-time Horticulturalists benefit greatly from the extra hands, and in turn pass down valuable insight on all that goes into the daily care of an urban park. Neighborhood Gardeners also enjoy the opportunity – unusual in New York City – to develop an enduring connection to the horticulture they nurture. Hotspots like the Chelsea Habitat Garden, Tribeca Boardwalk, and Greenwich Village Millennium Garden are volunteer favorites, providing green havens from the bustle urban life.

Long-time Neighborhood Gardener Gammy Miller puts it best: "I love being entrusted with caring for the beautiful Apple Garden in Hudson River Park. It is an honor and a joy. As I am so much better with weeds than with words, I feel that at last I have a way of making a visible and useful contribution to this great city.”

Neighborhood gardeners like Gammy enhance the Park’s biodiversity and overall ecological health – making a tangible and meaningful difference in the West Side community! With training provided by professional Horticulturists, all skill levels are encouraged to dig in and get involved with the program.

So how can you lend a hand? We accept volunteers on a rolling basis, with opportunities available weekday mornings (9 AM—12 PM) from April through November. Email for more information on how to sign-up today!

Hudson River Park’s Volunteer Program is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors. Thanks to Citi, Anheuser-Busch-InBev, Colgate Palmolive, and Time Warner.