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It’s National Oyster Day, and Your Park is Ready to Shell-ebrate!

August 5

Did you know that an adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day? These industrious bivalves are powerful ecosystem engineers, too! Their reefs provide habitat and feeding ground for other Hudson-dwelling creatures and can even help protect shorelines in storm events by slowing down wave action and mitigating storm surge.

Here along the Hudson, we are especially indebted to these mighty mollusks—nearly half of the world’s oyster population once thrived in the Hudson River and oysters played a major historical role in our city’s diet and economy. Pollution and over-farming took their toll, but your Park is helping to return oysters to their Hudson home, ensuring this species continues to play in a role in the future of our waters.

Every Sunday afternoon at Pier 25, you can learn more about oysters and join your Park in efforts to restore their once-abundant reefs to our waters. At Shell-ebrate Oysters, numerous hands-on activities help participants understand the role of the oyster over time in NYC, both environmentally and socially. Those attending also have the chance to learn basic field science techniques as they help us monitor the growth and survivorship of oysters. And finally, participants help us build brand new oyster habitat for the river that we then submerge in the Park's waters.

Shell-ebrate Oysters is a unique and impactful opportunity to become a part of the Park's wider community -- one that we share with the many creatures that live in our waters. You'll walk away not only with a greater awareness of our waterfront’s history, but also with a sense of stewardship and an understanding of how your actions can support the health of the Hudson River. We can’t think of a better way to keep the National Oyster Day spirit going!

Shell-ebrate Oysters takes place at 4:30PM every Sunday through August 21 at Pier 25. We hope you'll join us, and help grow this program grow into a true community oyster reef within your Park.