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Learn to Fish this Summer with Big City Fishing

July 26

Ever caught a foot-long striped bass? Seen plankton under a microscope? Wondered what swims beneath the surface of the Hudson River?

Kids and adults alike have the opportunity to see the diverse marine life of the Hudson River Estuary each week during the summer with Big City Fishing. This educational tradition at Hudson River Park not only teaches participants how to fish, supplying rods, reels, bait and instruction, but gives a hands-on opportunity to learn about the Hudson River Estuary environment.

Trust staff first offers a brief introduction to ecology, water quality, and fish species, and then show live specimens caught that morning. Afterwards participants can drop in their own lines to see what they find.

Big City Fishing takes place each Sunday and Tuesday through Labor Day. For more information, including location, time, and transit directions, please visit the Big City Fishing page

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