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Neighborhood Play Guide: Eight Hours in Clinton

September 20

Nestled along your Park’s northernmost piers, our Clinton section is a riverfront gem. With sweeping lawns, a popular boathouse, and unique, artful features, Clinton is an ideal spot to kick back and enjoy a day of waterfront relaxation.

Pack a picnic, pick out a book, and take the morning at your own pace! Arrive at the south end of Clinton Cove, where a lovely entry garden welcomes you to an expanse of rolling lawns and paths. Stroll toward the waterfront esplanade for an excellent vantage to take in the activity on the Hudson River.

Along your walk, you’ll find one of our most striking pieces of #ArtinHRP: a thirty-foot-long bronze and zinc windowed wine bottle, turned on its side. Created by Malcom Cochran, Private Passage features an equally dynamic interior. Peek inside to see a replica of a stateroom from the Ocean Liner Queen Mary, rendered in monochromatic metal to evoke a platinum print from a black and white film.

The lawns that extend inland are perfect for picnics, so snag a sunny spot, or enjoy some of this area’s expansive tree cover. This is one of our favorite places to find some peaceful respite – and it’s popular among Canada Geese as well! (though not as many as in years past)

When you’re ready for some afternoon activity, head over to the Pier 96 Boathouse. The sparkling Clinton waters have long been a favorite kayaking destination, and Manhattan Community Boathouse offers free walk-up kayaking into early October on the weekends, so get ready to paddle! With Midtown rising to the east, the view from the water in this section of the Park is especially striking.

For those who can’t get enough of that river-level vantage, head over to Pier 95—with a “get down” that takes you below the bulkhead, you’ll be closer to the water as you sit back and watch it flow.

We suggest closing your day of riverfront reprieve and on-the-water activity with a scenic bike ride. It's a scenic four mile journey from the northernmost tip of Clinton Cove to the southern edge of our Tribeca parklands, with plenty of gorgeous Hudson River Park to take in along the way!