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Neighborhood Trees Find a Home in Your Park

December 8

Your Park’s newest trees are arriving by an unusual path. Initially planted as part of an art installation at the Westbeth complex, their journey to our parklands—complete with a crane sling and a truck ride—shines a light on how our Park’s deep engagement with its neighboring communities nurtures sustainability and enriches our shared backyard along the Hudson.

Not far from Hudson River Park along Bethune Street stands the Westbeth Artists Housing, and within that historic complex stretches a last remnant of the original High Line rail, pre-redevelopment. This past fall, the Time Shrine Foundation and photographer Anne de Carbuccia transformed Westbeth’s elevated exterior for “One • One Planet One Future,” an installation that incorporated trees planted along the untouched stretch of tracks. When the exhibition wrapped in November, its organizers contacted Friends of Hudson River Park to ensure that the trees found a home where they would continue to thrive.

Transplantation is no easy task! Friends funded the retrieval of the trees with the Time Shrine Foundation to bring them to the Park. Our expert horticulture team first scoped out the installation to identify trees healthy enough to be transplanted. Then they returned with trucks and a hired crane. After carefully placing each tree in the crane's sling, the crane operator lowered the precious cargo into the truck bed. One by one, they traveled back to our nursery at Pier 40, until every tree was safely transferred.

Now our horticulturalists are planting these fifty new arrivals throughout your Park! So far, they have found homes along the river in our Tribeca and Greenwich Village sections as well as in our Habitat Garden in Chelsea, and we hope to have them all safely planted before winter. In the seasons to come, we look forward to watching our new greenery grow, and we’re grateful that such an environmentally engaged community continues to put down real roots in our Park.