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New and Growing Volunteer Programs Keep Your Park Green!

September 15

Our dedicated volunteers have been working harder than ever to keep your Park beautiful, clean and sustainable! In 2017 we’ve increased opportunities to get involved and launched fresh programs, empowering new and veteran volunteers to give back in fun and meaningful ways.  

Our Green Team is going strong in its third season, doubling the number of projects offered during peak summer months. From spring through summer, these volunteers have made a major impact in Park beautification efforts, working on a range of large-scale projects: mulching in Chelsea Waterside Park, pruning and grass cutbacks in Clinton Cove, removing invasive plants in the Tribeca Boardwalk, and much more.

In addition to keeping your Park green and growing, this program invites the community to meaningfully contribute to our beautiful backyard. Helena Odendaal, a Green Team regular for the past two years, takes full advantage of the opportunity to make an impact alongside fellow community members: "I love volunteering in Hudson River Park. The opportunity to enjoy such a natural space and give back to my community is what I love most."

Exciting new programs joined our lineup this summer as well! Our expanded Compost Program is a leap forward in our efforts to build a more sustainable future for the West Side, and our Compost Ambassador and Compost Facilitator volunteers make it possible! Since we launched these roles in July, our volunteers have been critical in processing organic waste, collecting key data, reaching out to the community and educating the public – offering incredible support for this green initiative.

More than 30 corporate groups also rolled up their sleeves for our Park this summer. Citi, Volunteer Program Sponsors, celebrated another Citi Global Community week with nearly 500 donating their time to beautify Tribeca. In Chelsea, 80 volunteers from Supporting Sponsors Anheuser-Busch InBev helped out with large-scale buffer restoration and planting projects. And supplying some much-needed efforts to our Greenwich Village bikeway, Supporting Sponsors Colgate Palmolive restored a bustling three-block stretch.

For those still looking to get involved, our 2017 season is far from over! This fall, volunteers will help “winter” our annual plants and install thousands of bulbs throughout our four mile footprint. Supporting Sponsors Time Warner will show their love for the Park this October, planting beautiful daffodil, muscari, and tulip bulbs. Joining in on the bulb-planting fun, our annual Bulbtoberfest will once again invite Friends of the Park to get their hands dirty, enjoy a fall foliage tour and celebrate fall.

Don’t think all our supporters need green thumbs! Volunteers play a key role in special event facilitation at Submerge: NYC Marine Science Festival and the Annual Gala, and the Park is also seeking volunteers for office projects like digitalizing data and mailing support. Interested in lending a hand? Email us at to find the right program for you!