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Park Plants Find Winter Reprieve

November 16

Late autumn has descended on our Park, bringing colorful foliage, longer nights and chillier temperatures. As our trees put on their most vibrant show, Park horticulturists turn their attention to other, less winter-resilient plants – closely monitoring weather forecasts to track the potential for deep frost.

When temperatures fall below freezing for long enough, water within the cells of plants can freeze and cause damage that will make annuals and other non-cold hardy plants die back. Last weekend’s winter-like weather brought us the season’s first such frost, but fortunately, our team was prepared!

Last week, our horticulture staff dug up and repotted hundreds of our annual plants, taking special care to choose those that take longer to establish in the summer, and placed them safely inside of our nursery for the winter. Preserving these plants not only saves us time and money come spring, but also contributes to our green initiative to make our Park more sustainable. This process has enabled us to keep some of our annuals alive and thriving through their third season! 

Over the fall, our gardeners and volunteers have also been busy planting bulbs for the season to come. So while our beds and gardens begin their winter slumber, our Park’s horticulture is prepared for beautiful, blooming springtime.