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Park Takes High-tech Maker Program to Local Students

March 10

In February, Park educators brought our popular Hudson River Maker program to third, fourth and fifth grade students at Hudson Guild, sparking ingenuity with high-tech, hands-on projects focused on energy. Students learned how to generate electricity, comparing wind power to hydropower by building model wind turbines and water wheels. Our educators then taught the budding engineers how to build circuits—knowledge they used to create their own brackish water powered robot!

Connecting scientific exploration and engineering with topics relevant to the Hudson River is what makes our HR Maker program so exciting. Whether students are building oyster habitats placed directly in our waters—as our Hudson Guild classes did last year—or studying the power generated by the river in our shared backyard Park, Hudson River Maker encourages participants to tinker and test, applying their new knowledge immediately and locally.

Started as a public program in the summer of 2014, our educators adapted HR Maker to a school series in the spring of 2015. This was our third year working with students at Hudson Guild, a multi-service community agency that serves Chelsea, focusing on those in need. We're always eager to support and engage our Park's neighboring communities. Generous support from our sponsor Google helps us bring this high-tech build to local students with the HR Maker program.

From exploring and measuring electricity to creating and testing wind turbines to building circuits, getting hands-on with energy electrified the curiosity of these young scientists, and we can’t wait to return to Hudson Guild for another week of HR Maker workshops this April!