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Roving River Rolls Into Your Park!

August 10

What has three wheels, one tank and a whole lot of Hudson River creatures? Our new Roving River tricycle! Putting wildlife on wheels, this mobile aquarium brings the Hudson River’s thriving eco-system right to our piers, providing an exciting new way to discover and interact with our marine neighbors.

The Roving River’s tank will feature fish and other animals native to the Hudson River, including seahorses, striped bass and blue crabs. When this on-the-go aquarium rolls around, Park fans will also have the opportunity to meet some of our smaller critters like shrimp and snails in a kid-friendly touch tank!

This exciting addition will make it easier and more fun than ever for our educators to bring hands-on science to all four miles of our sprawling waterfront. For a Park beloved as both a bicyclist’s haven and an estuarine sanctuary, the Roving River tricycle provides an exciting synthesis. We can’t wait to see how it brings the active energy of New York’s Park for Play to our education initiatives, helping us make environmental discovery and stewardship engagingly playful.

Want to see the Roving River in action and get up close and personal with Hudson River wildlife? Follow us on Twitter @HudsonRiverPark – we’ll let you know when and where we’ll be rolling through!