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Sept 29: National Estuaries Day Celebration

September 26

Did you know that the Hudson River surrounding Manhattan isn’t really a “river” at all, but rather a tidal estuary?!  An estuary is a body of water where freshwater mixes with seawater, creating an incredible habitat for plant and animal life, and providing an abundance of ecosystem services such as water filtration, storm mitigation, and recreational opportunities.

Come join us on Pier 46 on Saturday, September 29th from 11am – 2pm for a National Estuaries Day Celebration of the Hudson River, where our own Environment & Education Department will partner with The River Project NYC to showcase “estuarine-themed” activities for the whole family.

Discover more about the species that call the Hudson River home, or try your luck reeling in a Hudson River striped bass or spot fish at the catch and release station. Hudson River Park Trust Environment & Education staff will be providing FREE lessons, bait, and tackle for anglers both young and old.

Peek into the microscopic world of plankton that reside in the Hudson and learn more about what you can do to ensure your Hudson River is cleaner and healthier for future generations. Enjoy National Estuaries Day at Hudson River Park, another great public event that is sure to be both entertaining and educational!