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Staff Scoop: Hudson River Park’s Spring Secrets

April 25

Budding leaves, blooming trees, longer days… Spring brings many well-known joys to our parklands. But for those of us who work for Hudson River Park—and have a front-row seat to our blooming season—these changes are just the beginning! So to share some inside knowledge, we asked our team:

What inspires you about Hudson River Park during springtime that our Park fans may not know about?

Wild about Wildlife:

“I love that you can see the entire lifecycle of ladybugs from eggs, to larvae, to pupa and the molt before it emerges as an adult on the bark of many park trees just north of Pier 46.  The TINY details of new life each spring is always inspiring!”   – Carrie (Environment & Education)

"Every spring I love seeing the Park’s flora and fauna come to life. Several years back a family of Canada geese took up residence and since I was in the field with education and volunteer duties I got to document the goslings grow up over the spring and summer."
– Mark (Strategic Partnerships)

“I wait all winter to start watching the Mocking Birds that frequent the trees all along the nature boardwalk in Tribeca!”
– Shelley (Marketing & Events)

Spring-ing into Activity:

“What inspires me about Hudson River Park in the springtime is the people. Every year once the weather warms up and a little and the sun comes out it’s amazing to see how much people come to use the park. Age, health and ethnicity doesn’t matter everyone is out enjoying the park and it makes me feel good to know that my guys and I had a little part in making that possible.”
– Dwayne (Facilities)

“Aside from all the plants in full bloom, I like all the activity in the park as the warm weather comes around. As an avid runner it inspires me to see other people running in the Park. It makes me want to run too, which I get to do sometimes on my lunch break. There is nothing like a runner’s high!”
– Matt (Horticulture)

Waterfront Revival:

“I love watching the Park waters come alive again with kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, sailboats and traditional Whitehall gigs.  Hudson River Park has four non-motorized boathouses, plus another facility at Pier 40, and each one has a different mix or boats and personality.”
– Noreen (Executive)

“Something that inspires me in the Park during springtime is watching the river-based restaurant tenants come alive as they prepare their vessels to welcome the hordes of hungry park guests that will soon descend on their establishments. Watching their crews create friendly places to wine and dine after a cold winter season lets me know the warm weather is around the corner.”
– John (Operations)

Team Spirit:

“What really inspires me is how our Hort and Operations staff are so dedicated to plan ahead to ensure that the Park looks wonderful for all to see, the runners, bikers, out-of-towners, locals, the Park neighbors and even people who can’t wait to take their lunch break and sit somewhere in the Park which surrounds them with beauty and underlying dedication that I admire from our staff. Dedication is the key to make something work and look beautiful inside and out.”
– Jennifer (Finance)