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Start your Weekend Right at Sunset on the Hudson

July 22

Sunset on the Hudson is one HRPK’s longest running music series – and one of our favorite ways to kick off summer weekends. The heart of these Friday concerts at Pier 45 has always been community-focused performances – local artists chosen and shows are designed to bring people together, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all to embrace summer in our west side backyard.

When we first introduced this series in 2006, a single performer anchored the season. Singer-songwriter David Ippolito has frequented the parks of New York City for almost three decades now, and remains one of the city’s unofficial staples. His performances established Sunset on the Hudson as an integral part of the Park’s summertime lineup.

A glimpse of Sunset on the Hudson from its first season in 2006

Over the years, Sunset on the Hudson has grown both offerings and popularity. In 2011, the roster of performers grew to include NYC musicians Max Gallico and Sinclair Jennings Jr. – an expansion that continued through 2012 and beyond. Now in its 14th season, Sunset on the Hudson is bigger, better and more dynamic than ever.

Max Gallico and Sinclair Jenning Jr. performing at Sunset on the Hudson in 2012

Our 2019 lineup features a wonderful range of artists, bringing classical, brass, choral and more to Hudson River Park’s Pier 45. We kicked off the season in June with the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra, an outstanding chamber group whose timeless waltzes entranced waterfront audiences for the second year in a row.

Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra at Pier 45

Other highlights this summer include The Hum, a series featuring collaborations of exclusively women and non-binary artists on stage; Koku Gonza, a neo-soul and folk artist; High and Mighty Brass Band, a beloved Brooklyn brass band; Overproof, a classic reggae group; and Manhattan Samba, a musical group with a percussive beat that doesn’t quit. Check our lineup for your favorites, and mark your calendars!

There’s so much summer left to celebrate, so join us and kick back (or move to the music!) at Sunset on the Hudson.