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Where to get your Flower Fix this Spring in HRPK

April 16

Watching the Park come alive with budding horticulture and renewed activity makes spring one of our favorite times of year in HRPK. After a long winter cooped up in offices and apartments, it’s especially important for nature-starved New Yorkers to get outside. (Did you know that even just twenty minutes in a green environment can bust through stress and boost your mood?)

For those who still need a little extra encouragement to venture back outdoors – or who are angling for the best cherry blossom selfie — we’ve pulled together some of the top spots along HRPK’s four miles to savor the best of your Park’s flowering season.

From Tribeca to Clinton, here are five HRPK springtime destinations not to miss. Most aren’t at peak bloom just yet, so be sure to follow Hudson River Park on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest!

  1. The Perfect Pathway: Pier 64 in Chelsea (Enter at W 23 or 24 St)

When the crabapple trees on HRPK’s Pier 64 begin to blossom, thousands of delicate, white flowers transform the pier’s central pathway into a dreamscape – a picturesque place to stroll, jog, or relax (the walking path is lined with welcoming benches!).

  1. Tree Blossoms Galore: Pier 84 in Hell’s Kitchen (Enter at W 40 St)

Cornelian cherry dogwood flowers are fluffy and yellow; cherry blossoms are pink and dainty – both bring cheerful color to the esplanade alongside HRPK’s largest public pier. You’ll also find ‘Thundercloud’ purple leaf plum trees blooming in containers at nearby by Pier 83. These bright flowers attractively contrast the imposing form of the nearby Intrepid, offering an ideal photo opp.

  1. A Colorful Canopy: Pier 40 in Greenwich Village (Enter at Houston St)

When the entry garden at Pier 40 blooms, it transforms HRPK’s Houston Street entrance into one of the most colorful stretches in the Park. Beneath a canopy of bright magenta crabapple blossoms, a welcome garden bursts with bright daffodils and tulips. Take it from those of us who work at Pier 40 – this view will brighten your day.

  1. A Cove in Bloom: Clinton Cove (Enter at W 55 St)

The sweeping lawns of Clinton Cove always offer a charming view, and this time of year, yellow cornelian cherry dogwood flowers, blossoming tulips and star magnolias make one of HRPK’s most peaceful locales one of its most colorful.

  1. Four Miles of Tulips (and Daffodils and Crocuses): Throughout the Park

Every autumn, horticulture staff and hundreds of volunteers plant bulbs along the Park’s four miles. Last year, our volunteers alone planted 10,000+ bulbs! You’ll find crocuses, daffodils (thanks, New Yorkers for Parks!) and tulips from Tribeca to Clinton. This year, we planted ‘Orange Emperor’ and ‘Purple Lady’ Tulips – and they’re real beauties.

If you’ve enjoyed Hudson River Park in springtime, you know this list just scratches the surface of the budding beauty coming our way. Did we miss your favorite? Tag your best blooming Park pics #HRPK on social media. Plus, they’re all picture-perfect for our forthcoming Spring Photo-Synthesis Contest!