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Your Park Added 100+ Trees in 2018!

January 3

This autumn, Park horticulturalists installed more than fifty trees along the New York State Hudson River Greenway in the Meatpacking District, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. These plantings continue major bikeway buffer revitalization efforts made possible by a $75,000 NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Urban Forestry award in fall of 2017.

You’ll find our newest trees along the bikeway beside HRPK’s Gansevoort Peninsula, throughout our Chelsea section, and along the heavily trafficked stretch of greenway buffer between W. 39th Street and W. 42nd Street. These trees join the 50+ planted during the spring of 2018 in sections of buffer between 22nd Street and 55th Street – bringing the total number of new trees along our greenway to more than 100!

HRPK’s growing tree population brings environmental benefits to both the Park and our adjacent neighborhoods. Buffer trees help filter air pollution and absorb rainwater, reducing storm water runoff, which helps keep pollutants out of the Hudson River. In warmer months, trees along the highway help cool the road, reducing energy consumed by air-conditioned cars and nearby buildings.

The new trees benefit our community as well. In addition to beautifying Hudson River Park’s eastern entrances, our buffer trees bring much-needed shade to one of the nation’s most popular bikeways. A few of our newest trees replaced old stumps and dead plantings, bringing beautiful new life to corners of the Park. Plentiful planting projects along the bikeway also grant our Volunteer Program opportunities to engage the community in stewardship and service. (Interested in lending a hand? Learn more about volunteering in HRPK!)

On your next bike ride through the northern sections of the Park, keep an eye out for our newest additions, and stay tuned in the seasons to come. Our horticulturalists have chosen species that display beautifully throughout the year: Callery Pear and Cherry Plum trees flower abundantly in spring; Honey Locust and Gingko trees crest golden in the fall.

In the spring ahead, our Horticulture staff will plant even more trees in our bikeway buffers thanks to the DEC Grant. We look forward to watching this new greenery grow and thrive, bringing beauty, shade and environmental benefits to our entire HRPK community.