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Your Park’s New App Will Change the Way you Enjoy HRPK!

November 5

Playflags is Hudson River Park’s Play-Finding app, a new way to discover and share #HRPK.

Did you know that Hudson River Park features more diverse recreational opportunities on land and water than any other park in NYC? And Playflags gives you the best in-the-moment peek at how people are making the most of your Park!

Check out minigolf in Tribeca when you’re walking your dog in Hell’s Kitchen. Find out where you can kayak in Clinton when you’re sunbathing in Chelsea. At any given moment, Playflags shows you what’s happening along HRPK’s four miles – and helps you join the fun!

  • Get your bearings: From 59th Street to Chambers Street, the app’s beautiful map shows your Park’s four miles – full of Playflags you can tap and explore!
  • Tap a Playflag: Each Playflag marks a way to play in HRPK. Tap any flag on the map to see a photo, caption and buttons that give you a chance to like and share. Green Playflags are Park destinations, landmarks and attractions. Pink Playflags are Park events, happening now. And yellow flags? Those are Playflags users like you, enjoying the Park!
  • Plant your flag: In just a few taps, you can plant your own Playflag along the map with a photo and caption, sharing how you’re enjoying HRPK!
  • Share your play: With easy ways to share your Playflags on social media and text message, sharing your Playflag is way more fun than dropping a pin.

Take it from us, Playflags is a blast to explore. Plus, in the months ahead, you’ll be able to check Playflags for updates from your favorite Park activities (hello, special perks!). So what are you waiting for, iPhone users? Download the app and plant your flag!