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Presented by Hudson River Park's Estuary Lab

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Discover the role of microscopic plankton in the Hudson River with HRPK's Estuary Lab. Plankton are tiny aquatic organisms that drift with currents and play an important role in the River’s food web. Some plankton spend their entire lives in as plankton, while others transform into adult life stages that we are more familiar with like oysters.  Learn more about the life of an oyster and how this bivalve is helping us improve the health of NYC’s waters.

Microscope Explorations

  • Examine a drop of river water and discover the small world of plankton using a microscope. Identify different organisms and understand their purpose in the river’s dynamic ecosystem.

Build Your Own Filter Feeder

  • Engineer your own filter feeding device inspired by critters from the Hudson River.

Oyster Restoration

  • New York City was once the oyster trading capital of the world, but the population has been in decline for many years due to overharvesting, industrial pollutants and sewage. Monitor oysters alongside Estuary Lab scientists and contribute to building a more resilient future for the estuary. Observe an oyster dissection and learn the inner workings of these fascinating filter feeders.