Festival Sustainability

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Have you heard about HRPK's Park Over Plastic initiative?

Protecting Hudson River Park's 400-acre Estuarine Sanctuary and its rich ecosystem has informed virtually every aspect of Park planning and operations to date. The scientific initiatives, conservation efforts and stewardship activities of the HRPK Estuary Lab include more than 450 free or low-cost environmental education programs.

HRPK announced a major plastic reduction program, in May 2019. Park staff, vendors and community members aim to reduce our plastic footprint and improve the health of local wildlife and the Hudson River. You'll see this park-wide sustainability effort in action throughout the Park's 4-mile footprint and at  SUBMERGE as well!

We’ve made remarkable strides toward our 2019 priorities by:

  • Installing drinking fountains with bottle fillers
  • Discontinuing the distribution of single-use water bottles at Park events
  • Reducing single-use products and packaging among Park vendors
  • Educating the community on plastic pollution through public programs, school field trips and volunteer shoreline cleanups

We’re over single-use plastics, aren’t you? #singleuseless. 

Thank you to our 2019 Festival Sustainability Partners.