Setting standards for waterfront parks nationally, Hudson River Park is like no other outdoor space in New York City, a precious reserve affording access to gloriously diverse and uniquely beautiful landscapes.

Our location alongside the majestic and mighty Hudson makes unusual demands of our horticulture: wind off the river, salt spray in the air and the unique constraints of pier landscaping. Through an array of endowments, our steadfast league of Garden Guardians help guarantee this botanical bounty and ensure that our treasured Park remains a thriving oasis, providing community engagement and natural beauty for years to come.

Habitat Garden


Single Donor Recognition (Currently endowed thru 2021)

This three-block, native plant garden in the Chelsea section attracts and sustains a stunning array of wildlife as its varied habitats transition and flourish with the changing seasons—an unparalleled educational resource.

Tribeca Boardwalk

$100,000 | 20 year endowment

Single Donor Recognition

Featuring a popular 893-foot pedestrian walkway, the Tribeca boardwalk’s autumnal landscape is plentifully lined with various ornamental grasses, large swaths of flowering goldenrods and Blackeyed Susans, alongside Eastern Red Cedars and flowering Witchhazels.

Apple Garden

$100,000 | 20 year endowment

Single Donor Recognition

This Greenwich Village gem exquisitely highlights the monumental bronze sculpture, The Big Apple, with botanicals by famed garden designer Lynden Miller that conjure the artwork’s unique warmth, including Quince, Caramel Coral Bells and Rugosa Rose.

Tribeca North Viewing Garden

$50,000 | 10 year endowment

Single Donor Recognition

Extending from Pier 40 to Watts St. are three stunning display gardens designed by Matthews Nielson, each encompassing a luxurious lawn and perennials, such as Coneflower, Daylilies and Blue Iris, in perfect harmony with flowering shrubs and trees.

Tribeca South Viewing Garden

$50,000 | 10 year endowment

Single Donor Recognition

Three additional garden displays from Matthews Nielson continue south from Laight St. to the Park’s end beyond Pier 25, boasting a dazzling array of red and pink roses that bloom throughout spring, summer and fall.

West Village Greenway


Single Donor Recognition (Currently endowed thru 2021)

Creating a beautiful buffer between our popular bikeway and the highway, tough plants like low-grow Sumac, flowering Nepeta, evergreen Juniper, native Bayberry and Beach Rose provide an excellent testament to our horticulture’s innovative hardiness and function.

Chelsea Lawn Bowl

$25,000 | 10 year endowment

Multiple Donor Plaque (10 Donors, 8 endowments available)

Framed by Piers 62, 63 and 64, this magnificent lawn is the largest contiguous green space in the Park and a favored haven for sunbathing, picnics and family frolics, with its lush, grassy landscape and wide waterside esplanade.

“Adopt” a Gardener

$10,000 | 5 year endowment

Multiple Donor Plaque (12 Donors, 11 endowments available)

Our full-time Zone Gardeners include specialists in arboriculture, entomology, plant propagation, turf, irrigation and fine gardening, who also mentor Seasonal Gardeners and lend their invaluable experience to future horticulturalists honing their craft.

Annual Flower Display

$5,000 | 5 year endowment

Multiple Donor Plaque (12 Donors, 9 endowments available)

Abundantly variegated displays, including Petunia, Coleus, Scaevola and bountiful Begonia, grace Piers 40, 81 and 84, adorn our Pier 64 Apple trees, fill the Chelsea Waterside planting vessels and bloom across the many esplanade flowerbeds.

To make your endowment or discuss your contribution to the Park’s horticultural landscape, please contact:, 212-757-0981 x728, or complete the form below: