Team Pentathlon

Experience Hudson River Park as New York City's ultimate communal outdoor arena.

Bring your best to Hudson River Park’s waterfront fields in a five-part tournament for the Hudson River Park Cup!

At the fifth annual Hudson River Park Games, you’ll join sports-loving neighbors, groups from the community and corporate teams as you compete in heats of dodgeball, volleyball, steal the bacon, flag football, basketball and an obstacle course championship. Sign up as an individual or with friends, and get in The Games!


Played by two teams of six, the object of this schoolyard classic game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them OUT.


Teams of six will take to the courts for 9-minute matches of volleyball, played in a round robin style tournament. 


This relay is a series of challenging physical skills an individual must navigate while being timed. The object of the Basketball Skills Relay is to successfully pass through each challenge and complete the full course in the fastest possible time.


Teams of six play a modified game, where will instead of tackling ball carriers to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag that is loosely attached to a belt (“deflagging”) to stop an opposing team member.


The object of this game is to score the most points by “stealing the bacon” and prevent your opponent from scoring. Scoring points is done by successfully retrieving the “bacon” and making it back to your team’s sideline without being tagged or tagging your opponent who has the bacon before they make it back to their team sideline.


A series of challenging physical obstacles, the obstacle course tests speed, agility, balance and endurance. At The Games, all members of your team will go through the obstacle course one at a time, relay race style.

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