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Garden Adventures

Grades 2–12

Come explore Hudson River Park’s Habitat Garden, a unique urban green space home to a diversity of native trees and plants. In Garden Adventures, students can investigate tree identification, discover the fascinating lives of birds and butterflies through activities on adaptations, life cycles and migration.

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Program Objectives:

  • Students will define habitat
  • Students will distinguish common bird species found in the Park
  • Students will gain understanding of the role of adaptation in bird beak shapes
  • Students will identify how habitat is crucial for wildlife migration

Program Information:

  • Student Capacity: 30 students per program
  • Cost: $200 (waivers available upon demonstration of need)
  • Adult chaperones: one chaperone is required for every 10 students (1:10 ratio) at minimum

Program Activities:

  • Habitat Zones
  • Tree ID Scavenger Hunt
  • Bird Identification and Bird Beak Buffet Activity
  • Tree or Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Exploration

For details on program availability and location in the Park, please consult the calendar at the booking link above or contact