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Construction and Design Status


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North of the Passenger Ship Terminal, Clinton Cove incorporates many spectacular features including a sweeping green lawn with trees and a striking, award-winning boathouse currently housing a non-profit kayaking program. The boathouse was designed by architect Richard Dattner & Partners. Supplementing the beautiful landscape by Miceli Kulik Williams is the first permanent public sculpture commissioned as part of the Park. Private Passage is a 30-foot-long wine bottle resting on its side, within which is an interpretation of a stateroom in the Queen Mary. Clinton Cove also contains the City’s first “get down” at Pier 95, an area where people can get closer to the water, below the level of the bulkhead, to experience the Hudson River on a more intimate scale.


Pier 97 Empty

An exciting expansion of the Clinton Cove Park area is now underway.  In November 2018, the Trust hired !melk to undertake the design of Pier 97 as the park's northernmost public pier.  The pier itself was built some years ago using funding secured by Hudson River Park Friends through the NYC Department of Sanitation, but at the time, the Trust did not have sufficient funding to complete the pier's landscaping.  Now that funding is in hand, and designing the pier and the adjacent upland area are the first steps in adding important new public open space to this area.

As part of the design process, !melk and the Trust met with the community in November and December 2018 to listen to individuals' ideas about the design program -- i.e., what kinds of uses and spaces are desired.  !melk will use this information to start developing the concept design for the area and will meet again with the community as the design process continues. 

See this link for more information on the design process to date:  Pier 97 Public Outreach Executive Summary