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Construction and Design Status

North of the Passenger Ship Terminal, Clinton Cove incorporates many spectacular features including a sweeping green lawn with trees and a striking, award-winning boathouse currently housing a non-profit kayaking program. The boathouse was designed by architect Richard Dattner & Partners. Supplementing the beautiful landscape by Miceli Kulik Williams is the first permanent public sculpture commissioned as part of the Park. Private Passage is a 30-foot-long wine bottle resting on its side, within which is an interpretation of a stateroom in the Queen Mary. Clinton Cove also contains the City’s first “get down” at Pier 95, an area where people can get closer to the water, below the level of the bulkhead, to experience the Hudson River on a more intimate scale.

Luca Vignelli

An expansion of Clinton Cove is under way now. Using funding secured by Hudson River Park Friends through the NYC Department of Sanitation, the Trust began work on Pier 97 at 57th Street. Pier 97 will serve residents of both Clinton and the Upper West Side, and will help create an improved physical and visual connection between Hudson River Park and Riverside Park South on the Upper West Side. Contractors are currently installing a deck and fender piles as the next step in rebuilding Pier 97, and the Trust and Friends are seeking funding for the landscape portions of the pier. 

Pier 97 pile driving

In the future, the Trust will work with the NYC Department of Sanitation which operates Pier 99 as a Marine Transfer Station and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to the immediate north to design and implement an improved connection between Hudson River Park and Riverside Park South at West 59th Street.