Courtesy Pier55 Inc/Heatherwick Studio


Pier 54 Public Review

In November 2014, the Trust announced that Barry Diller had agreed to make a large contribution to fund the reconstruction of Pier 54 as a public park space with performance spaces, and to offer cultural programming to the public, all pursuant to a lease between a new not-for-profit corporation (“Pier55, Inc.”) to be funded by the donation, and the Trust.

On February 11, 2015, following a public review process conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Hudson River Park Act, the Hudson River Park Trust’s Board of Directors approved two separate items related to Pier 54: authorization for the Hudson River Park Trust to enter into a Thirty Year Lease Agreement with Pier55, Inc., substantially in compliance with the Lease form presented to the Board in connection with February 11, 2015 meeting, and adoption and approval of an amendment to the Hudson River Park Multi-Purpose Project General Project Plan dated July 16, 1998.

Plans for Pier 54 were the subject of environmental review conducted in accordance with the State Environmental Quality Review Act ("SEQRA").  Under the approved plans, Pier 54 will be rebuilt between the currently existing Pier 54, whose pile field will remain, and the existing Pier 56 pile field.  Pier 54 will remain a public pier with opportunities for diverse park activities in a green landscaped setting.   Outdoor spaces for cultural programming will also be incorporated into the landscape. 

A copy of the executed lease is available on this page as is an amendment being considered by the Trust’s Board of Directors on January 26, 2017