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Celebrate Earth Day at home with a free, virtual program to learn all about Hudson River Park’s Community Compost Program! Join us as we tour the Park’s Compost Center on Thursday, April 22 at 12 PM on Hudson River Park’s Facebook Live. Ask the experts your questions and learn how composting can help the environment.

Since 2016, Hudson River Park has been inviting locals to drop off their home food scraps at the Park where we then process it into nutrient-rich compost. Today, we have ten public drop-off locations that are open all year-round. Food scraps, which are high in nitrogen, combined with dead branches and other yard waste creates a soil-like matter that benefits plant beds. By composting together, we reduce our community’s carbon footprint and support healthy, resilient vegetation. Learn all about Hudson River Park’s Community Compost Program here.

Want to participate in the Community Compost Program? Here are the do’s and don’t’s for contributing food scraps at Hudson River Park:

What can I put in the compost brown bins?

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Coffee grounds, coffee filters and tea bags (remove the staple)
  • Non-greasy grains (rice, pasta, bread, cereal, etc.)
  • Egg and nut shells
  • Dried or cut flowers

What does NOT belong in the compost brown bins?

  • Diapers
  • Compostable bags, utensils or containers
  • Dairy products
  • Meat, fish and bones
  • Fats, grease and oils
  • Plastic, metal or glass

How do I keep the odor out of my home when collecting food scraps?

  • Store your food scraps in the freezer using a reusable bag or container
  • Empty your food scraps into Hudson River Park’s compost bins regularly i.e. once a week
  • Sprinkle your collection container and food scraps with baking soda, if a smell arises
  • BONUS: By separating your food scraps from your other garbage, your trash can will actually have less odor!

  How can I volunteer?

  • Click here to learn how to become a Compost Facilitator!
  • If you have any questions regarding the Community Compost Program, feel free to reach out to:
Plump round cherry tomatoes hang on their vines in the staff garden

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