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Hudson River Walks

Virtual Science

As one of Manhattan’s largest continuous green spaces, Hudson River Park offers a wealth of activities and areas to explore. There is biking and kayaking and waterfront views, but did you know this park is filled with history too? Join Hudson River Park staff for virtual tours of the Park’s historic landmarks and natural spaces, all from the comfort of your home.

What are the stories behind the vessels moored in Hudson River Park? How does Hudson River Park process 450,000 pounds of community compost each year? Why are there so many butterflies in the Habitat Garden? Find out the answers to these questions and more as our educators take you for a behind the scenes tour, answering your questions along the way.

Community Compost Center

What happens to my compost after I drop it off in Hudson River Park? In this week’s Hudson River Walk, we find out about the fantastic journey food waste takes from bin to garden, learn how Hudson River Park processes over 450,000 pounds of compost, and why this project is so important in helping reduce waste production.

Future Tour Themes:

Future walks will introduce you to more of our favorite spaces in Hudson River Park, including our Community Compost Center, Habitat Garden, newly restored shorelines and more! Check back here for dates, times and where to tune in to our next Hudson River Walk!

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2020 Schedule

Wednesday July 8 at 2:00 PM

Wednesday August 5 at 2:00 PM

Wednesday September 2 at 2:00 PM

Additional tours to be announced!

Stay up to date with HRPK’s River Project to enjoy virtual programs and connect with the Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary. Science programming for everyone!

A group walk through the gardens and see nature in the Park

This Event Has Passed

Wednesday, Aug 05
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM