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Shell-ebrate Oysters

HRPK's River Project

Come learn about oysters!

Support oyster research in Hudson River Park alongside staff scientists and extend your knowledge about our local waterways. Join our River Project staff and learn how to monitor oysters, restore local habitat and understand the beneficial ecological impacts that oysters provide for the Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary.

Meet Hudson River wildlife at the Wetlab, our research aquarium that is free & open to the public!

The Park’s Wetlab aquarium features Hudson River wildlife and provides guided tours for visitors of all ages. During Wetlab Look-ins, you can join a drop-in tour led by our River Project team to learn more about fascinating local wildlife including oyster toadfish, lined seahorses and blue crabs.

Our Wetlab opens each year in June and features a rotating exhibit of fish and invertebrates that are collected in the Park as part of an ongoing fish ecology survey. Animals are also regularly released throughout the season to ensure that their behaviors are minimally impacted, meaning there’s always something new to explore at the Wetlab!

Want to learn more about local wildlife? Check out our Virtual Wetlab, which is a digital field guide featuring the most common species of fish, invertebrates and reptiles commonly found in our Wetlab.

Shell-ebrate Oysters

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Wednesday, Aug 18
6:00 PM
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