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Shell-Ebrate Oysters

Virtual Science

Shell-ebrate Oysters is all about the Hudson River’s native Eastern oyster! In this virtual program, we will learn all there is to know about this fascinating bivalve. Join us as we delve into the oyster’s rich history in the New York Harbor, not to mention the beneficial ecological impacts and ecosystem services that oysters provide for the Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary.

Hudson River Park sustains multiple research projects focused around oyster restoration in the Estuarine Sanctuary, and Shell-ebrate Oysters offers an inside look into how we conduct such research. Park scientists will share how we monitor oysters to determine if they are successfully growing in the estuary. Learn how oyster growth over time is recorded and see the entire monitoring process up close!

Shell-ebrate Oysters will also feature updates and results from our original oyster research. This program is an opportunity to interact with scientists and get your questions answered by HRPK staff!

Stay up to date with HRPK’s River Project to enjoy virtual programs and connect with the Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary. Science programming for everyone!

Students learn about oysters at Shell-ebrate

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Wednesday, Aug 26
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM