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SUBMERGE Marine Science Festival

HRPK's River Project

Get ready for Day 2 of SUBMERGE — come learn about harbor habitat and local research, watch a performance led by Al Leszczynski, then join us in the Park on Pier 26 in the afternoon for a Tide Deck Tour.

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October 20 – Harbor Habitat

Partner showcase at 10:00 AM:

Live panel at 11:00 AM featuring research centered on the Hudson River Estuary:

Al Leszczynski showcases science marvels at 12:00 PM:

  • Live science performance!
  • Laugh and learn with Al as they share interactive experiments about our water system.
  • Try this experiment at home!

Explore Pier 26’s Tide Deck at 5:00 PM:

  • Live in-Park tour
    • Learn about HRPK’s Pier 26 ecological Tide Deck with River Project staff.
    • Registration is available here.

October 19 – Local Wildlife October 21 – River Health

This multi-day celebration of science invites the public to connect with marine science and STEM with awesome experiments, science entertainment, live animals and more!

For more information on HRPK’s River Project and our festival partners, click here!

Hudson River Park’s River Project is committed to advancing public awareness and understanding of our local waterways. The SUBMERGE festival — now offering three days of learning and fun — aims to inspire audiences of all ages and make marine science and STEM accessible and engaging for everyone.  

Registration is required for all in-Park activities; please check individual programs’ registration pages for more information about COVID safety requirements.

River Project staff looks on as man and son examine the wildlife in the Wetlab at Hudson River Park SUBMERGE

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Wednesday, Oct 20
10:00 AM
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