Beach Volleyball

Cross at N Moore St

At Pier 25 In Tribeca



Pier 25 Comfort Station

Accessible to people with disabilities


Subway & Bus Lines

1 at Frankllin St.



Get a group of friends together, head to Tribeca, and take off your shoes on Pier 25’s groomed sand volleyball courts, all in view of the Statue of Liberty.

Three regulation-size beach volleyball courts give Pier 25 a feel of Manhattan Beach—in Manhattan! The Pier 25 Beach Volleyball courts are sure to bring out the inner “beach bum” in all visitors. The courts also feature lounge chairs for spectators and are lit so the fun can continue after the sun goes down.

Please visit MANHATTAN YOUTH for hours, reservations, adult leagues, community play and youth league.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Court users are responsible for restoring all areas of the park affected by their use to its proper condition.
  • Play at your own risk. Hudson River Park Trust is not responsible for any injuries sustained during the course of play.
  • Hudson River Park Trust is not responsible for personal property.
  • Hudson River Park Trust reserves the right to close courts for emergencies, safety purposes and/or when court conditions or maintenance issues necessitate.


  • Players who are 11 years old and younger
  • Any wheeled device, including bikes and rollerblades
  • Seating and equipment not provided by operator
  • Any activity other than volleyball
  • Glass, alcoholic beverages, smoking, barbecuing and littering
  • Dogs and pets of any kind
  • Manipulation of nets, fencing and other equipment
  • Removing sand from court area
  • Posting and/or distribution of pamphlets, handbills and advertisements of any kind

Violation of any rule may result in removal from courts and/or other sanctions including revoking of permits and/or a summons to appear in civil court or criminal court.

Beach VolleyBall