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HRPK 550 Fund: Care for Every Acre

Hudson River Park spans four+ miles over 550 acres of water and green space, providing unmatched opportunities for relaxation, recreation and reflection for millions of visitors each year and in every season. HRPK is a vital recreational, environmental, educational and cultural resource for New York City and the west side community.

fall trees biker and roses HRPK 550 artHudson River Park is NOT a City-run park and relies on supporters like you for its maintenance, operations and free programs. With your support of the HRPK 550 Fund, the nation’s preeminent waterfront park can remain a clean, green and beautiful destination for all — now and for generations to come.

Please help us raise $1M by December 31, 2021, and make a gift today:

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HRPK is financially self-sustaining and relies on private support for its annual operations, maintenance and public programs. The HRPK 550 Fund supports:

  • Landscapes and gardens: the four miles of lawns, trees and gardens that make Hudson River Park an urban oasis and beloved backyard for millions, as well as the expert horticulturists and HRPK Friends volunteers who keep our green space thriving and beautiful.
  • Education and estuary research: the environmental research and hands-on STEM education and marine science programs that HRPK’s River Project brings to the community, inspiring scientists of all ages across NYC and communicating the ecological importance of the Park’s 400-acre Estuarine Sanctuary.
  • Environmental sustainability: including a robust Community Compost Program serving neighborhoods all along the Park and a park-wide plastics reduction initiative that are helping to build a greener NYC.

For additional information and to learn more about how you can support HRPK and your local environment, please contact Connie Fishman, Executive Director at Hudson River Park Friends, at: 

Thank you to our HRPK 550 Fund Donors

The Angelo Family Charitable Foundation
Nancy and Richard Davis
Clementine Drackett and Hunter Philbrick
Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation
Miyoung Lee and Neil Simpkins
Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
The Sarah and Daniel Rueven Foundation
Sue and David Viniar

coneflowers and Hudson River HPRK 550 art

Hudson River Park offers a delightful diversity of plantings and hardscape styles, linked by a four-mile-long esplanade. The Park’s botanical bounty across its 550 acres provides a wide assortment of seasonal beauty and a welcome respite to millions of visitors each year.

girls and magnifying glasses HPRK 550 art

HRPK's River Project helps increase appreciation and understanding of the Hudson River through hands-on environmental education. Programs inspire budding scientists of all ages to see the River and Park as a living laboratory for STEM exploration, serving thousands of students from all five NYC boroughs.

green trees and lawn HRPK 550 art

Responsible park construction and sustainable operations are integral to Hudson River Park. Over the past three years, sustainability efforts have also grown to include larger Park-wide initiatives focused on composting and plastics reduction.